Chuck Hester is the author of “LinkedIn Pay it Forward.” He has over 9,000 people in just ONE of his networks, yet he actively engages a large number of his connections regularly. He created a local network called “LinkedIn Live” in Raleigh, North Carolina that attracts hundreds of people who connect face to face and talk about business and social media. These events are now held across the country.

Chuck regularly reaches out to his connections on-line, and he connects people who are looking for jobs or seeking services as a regular part of the maintenance of his network. Ask him a question and he probably has a resource for the answer. When you follow him on Twitter the first thing he will ask is what he can do for you.

Ari Herzog is another good example. He talks about connecting with friends from social media connections face to face for the first time, and it feels like beers with long time co-workers. Why? Because he’s already developed relationships with them online. They know about each other’s jobs and family, challenges that need to be overcome and what their favorite topics are. Face to face conversations are just the next logical step.

Chuck and Ari are using social media to create real relationships with large networks and it works.

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