When David Moye was laid off from his job as a writer he decided to follow his passion and transition into PR. He’d done a lot of consulting, but he knew his lack of agency experience would make it tough to break into a new career. He knew he had to find a way to stand out in a hurry.

Being a creative guy with a deep understanding of the principles of PR he grabbed his daughter’s hand puppets and started a YouTube channel called PR Puppet Theatre. He used the puppets to teach concepts of PR in a way that anyone could understand.

Being a savvy PR guy he marketed PR Puppet Theatre to TV stations and  posted and commented on blogs related to the industry. He set up Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook profiles to help build the buzz and give prospective employers a way to learn more about him. CNBC saw it and dubbed it  “must-see entertainment/education for every PR flack.”

Before long he had interviews and then a job at the PR firm Alternative Strategies where he quickly showed he could make the transition. In a few short months on the job he single-handedly broke standing records for TV placements that had previously been set by a team.

“Facebook is good for someone like me who is trying to make a name as a creative. A few quirky comments here and there (plus a good photo) and I have peripheral friends commenting with me and that’s how friendships develop.” –David Moye

What’s the Lesson?

David didn’t wait around for somebody to ask him for an interview. He made some noise all on his own and showed that he had what it takes to get noticed. Isn’t that what a PR guy does? When it’s your turn take the initiative to be daring. Take some chances and strut your strong points. Then ask for what you want clearly and definitely.

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