Intel’s policy on moderation is pretty open for a corporation of its size. Excerpt from the Intel Social Media Guidelines posted on their website:


  • Remember this is about COMMUNITY not YOU. You should participate by all means, but to support the community not sell yourself or your services.
  • As the group grows think of other ways to connect people. Meetups, tele-classes, webinars and online chat are great options.
  • Periodically take the temperature of the group. Poll or ask questions.
  • Listen to discussions and see if users are looking for added feature, if there are ways you can offer assistance yourself or point them to assistance off site. The goal is to become a source users rely on, not make the whole show about you.
  • In the development stage of the group, or later if discussion slows down, start discussions. These should be open ended posts to stimulate discussion, not statements.
  • Give the users room to add their perspective
  • don’t hog the conversations or always be the first one with a bit of  hot news. The group will begin to rely on you and not post for fear of being overshadowed.
  • Brainstorm with your key community members within and outside of the group to get new ideas flowing.
  • Remember to thank people for their participation to the group. Feature people on occasion for their contributions.


  • When new features are added to your group’s software share how to use them with the group, ask for success stories and examples
  • Make connections and suggest connections between users where appropriate
  • Take the time to point out new features on and how to use them for best advantage
  • Create a way for users to showcase their talents. Sharing Slideshare presentations, Visual CV’s, Job listings, product demos, whatever you can to give your community a voice of their own and sense of ownership in the advancement of the community makes for a healthier more vibrant membership.


  • Promote your group  by sharing it with your networks and ask users to do the same
  • Post the group URL on your website and related social media sites to encourage growth
  • Create a badge or a widget with the most recent posts for users to put on their websites linking to the group
  • Talk about the group and feature conversations (with permission) on your other networks (Twitter, Facebook etc)
  • Use Google, Facebook and LinkedIn Ads to promote your group
  • Whenever your do a presentation or attend a conference spread the word about your group
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