ScobleWhenever I think of video and social media I think of Robert Scoble. This blogger/author/photographer started interviewing people for Microsoft’s Channel 9 video team and he clearly understood from the start that in order to be in on the cutting edge he needed to be available and create an amazing network of resources to information-both to help him find information and to share what he was doing with the world.

His blog was already popular and he put his contact info (even his cell phone #) right on his site so anybody with a story could contact him to have it covered.

In 2006 he left Microsoft and joined PodTech where his “Scoble Show” took off to rave reviews. Everything he was doing from back stage shots to interviews was documented and shared and his popularity went through the roof.

In early 2008 Scoble left Podtech for FastCompany where he had two shows, “FastCompany Live” and “ScobelizerTV.” He’s now working for RackSpace on Building 43, a content and social networking website.

So what’s the point? Big deal Scoble is famous. There’s even a unit of measurement for social media success based on his successes.

A “milliscoble” as definded by is: “1/1000th of the average daily Twitter status updates by Robert Scoble as of 10:09 CST September 25, 2008.”
In 2008 , Scoble averaged 21.21 tweets per day, so a milliscoble is 0.02121 tweets per day. Anybody with a milliscoble rating of 1000 will be as annoying to follow as Scoble.

Something to aspire to? Perhaps. I never find Scoble’s Tweeting annoying and I’ve found some amazing resources, some entertaining interviews and some good connections through his work.

What’s the lesson?
The point is his videos were always timely, mostly useful and never over produced. We forgive the fact the camera angle is funky or there is a lot of background noise when he interviews at a conference because it’s REAL. Scoble opened doors with his personality and his camera lens and he got people to talk to him.

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