SpliceToday.com is a web magazine that produces unique, off-beat articles on topics ranging from politics, music, sex, sports, and top news stories. The content is organized into a collection of linked articles, original writing and multimedia.

This is a tough space in which to differentiate, and SpliceToday needed to build their brand and traffic so they could really shine. They worked closely with Prime Visibility, a New York marketing firm to market individual articles through bookmarking and social media sites and a Facebook ad campaign.

Prime Visibility’s social media marketing team marketed each and every article on the site through the appropriate bookmarking sites for the piece based on what the post was about, the target market and the community on the bookmarking site.

Prime Visibility created relationships with other users on these sites for reciprocal sharing, a crucial factor in social bookmark sites. The deeper the relationships with other users the more likely they are to share your posts with the right networks to hear it. The response to the campaign accumulated slowly at first and then as buzz and reciprocity increased it really took off.  In just 7 months the combination of Facebook ads and social bookmarking showed dramatic results:

•    Increased total visits/month 3,435%
•    Increased total page views/month 1,922%
•    Increased total referring traffic/month 6,230%
•    Increased total unique visitors/month 4,691%

What’s the lesson?
Launching a new site can be slow unless you really put some effort into it and market every bit of content you have. You have to carefully analyze the market for the best fit for each piece of content.

In order for social bookmarking to work you can’t just run a bunch of robot scripts and call it done. You have to create relationships with other site users, cross promote and support them to see reciprocity happen.

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