AKA the “Ready To Learn Mom” is an excellent example of building your personal brand through social media.

Stacey founded Cedar Valley Publishing; Mom Central ConsultingStacey Kannenberg Unlimited; and Mother Talk and she’s leveraged her understanding of relationship development and social media to build a multi-million dollar presence using social media and spending very little money on traditional marketing. Her books have been reviewed by hundreds of bloggers and sold over 60,000 copies distributed internationally in several languages.

Stacey works very hard to keep her “Google footprint” established so both she and her companies are easy to find and she’s used social media heavily to keep visible, build her brand and keep her finger on the pulse of what women are doing on-line.

She uses member sites as one of the principal ways to grow her networks, belonging to  40 plus sites:  The Mom Entrepreneur Group, Moms in Business, Woman Owned Businesses, Savor the Success, National Association of Woman Business Owners (NAWBO) Make Mine A Million, Savor the Success, Work At Home Mom (WAHM), Home Based Working Mom (HBWM) The Joy of Connecting, Mom Inventors, Moms Town, Twitter Moms, Hybrid Moms, Moms-for-Profit, BlogHer.

She also uses social networking sites on Ning, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, Jacket Flap, ShoutLife to name a few! Some of these profiles have 1000 to 25,000 views, and when you multiple that by 40 you have some serious exposure!

Stacey a very active blogger and Twitter user, which helps her build traffic directly to her sites, let people know of media appearances, and get the word out about her passion, getting ready to learn.

What’s the lesson?

Creating your own network of information and then sharing and cross-sharing them with different sites can increase the visibility of your brand, making it a whole lot easier to get your message heard.

2 comments on “Case Study: Stacey Kannenberg

  • Stacey’s success stems from a commitment of blending the wonders of our high tech world with the totally compassionate and dedicated woman who she is. Her passion for facilitating children’s growth and development is apparent in everything that Stacey touches. To those educators and parents who become more involved, more tuned in, and more passionate about creating well adjusted, life time learners from Stacey’s efforts, I say “Yahoo” . Let’s all work together in helping Stacey continue her journey of helping children and parents.

  • As someone who has reviewed Stacey’s books as well as worked with her on other projects, I would like to add that she is a “pro” at interacting one-on-one with colleagues. Social networking can grind to a screeching halt if a person does not respond to questions and comments in a polite and professional manner. Stacey has always been highly committed to being thoughtful and thankful in her interactions.

    She also takes the time to make sure it’s not just about *her* products and needs. Stacey has taken time out of her (very busy, I’m certain!) day to email me links to publications that are looking for submissions, as well as to send me little thoughts and notes of encouragement when she thinks I need it.

    That speaks highly of her dedication to creating truly personalized relationships, as well as her commitment to quality – not only for her businesses, but for her life.

    I’ve always enjoyed working with Stacey in promoting her offerings, and I am delighted to see that she’s getting the recognition she deserves for being willing to “work it” on social media!

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