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Ask500People.com is a very simple site that allows you to ask any question you want of a diverse and de-centralized group of people. Users post a question and it goes into the queue where other users can give their opinion and comment on the question. Instant reporting gives you basic demographics on geographical location, education, gender , age, and income.  It’s a great way to get consensus on a question quickly from a random group of people and even some feedback.

Ideascale is a Crowd-sourcing platform that lets you post questions for feedback from customers, solicit their input and ideas and then have the crowd rank them in importance by voting.

The City of Austin, Tx. used it to get feedback from citizens on the features of the city web site, for which they will be using local software developers, marketing experts, and graphic designers  displaced from their jobs due to the economic downturn. This, according to the website “will produce a superior web site for the citizens of Austin at a fraction of the cost of the city’s lowest bid.”

Ideablob.com allows you to input your great business ideas and have them voted on and gather input from members. Members vote on the worthiness of particular ideas and one per month wins $10,000 to get their idea off the ground.

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