Honestly? If you will ever need a job or to speak to another person in business, you probably do. LinkedIn is one of the most prominent and vital business networking sites out there. Don’t think just because you have a good job now you won’t ever need to share your resume again. Jobs come and go and you can easily establish a personal presence on LinkedIn that will make it easy to find a new one if that time should come. If you wait until you need it you’ll have to spend precious time creating profiles and making new friends when you could be job hunting.

LinkedIn allows you to stay in touch with your business connections even after you’ve left your job and connect with them to help you find the next one. It allows you to establish yourself as a leader in your market niche through questions and answers as well as forums. It also allows you to tap into a vast network of knowledgeable people and find answers to business issues you are facing and find experts and resources to make your business a whole lot easier to run.

Bottom line?

At the very least you should have a profile with your most recent resume. Take the time to connect with you current co-workers and business connections and keep an eye on what they are up to. Chances are you might find some excellent resources or even your next job.

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