Social media trends come and go in the blink of an eye and putting all of your marketing efforts into a network or platform that no one goes anymore.

There is also SEO to consider. If you have content on a number of sites all talking about your product and pointing to your main presence online and your contact information, there are a lot more ways people will be able to find you when they look for that product on-line.

As a rule of thumb I think you should have at least a blog, one micro-blog and a presence on one of the major platforms or article sites.

Let’s say you’re a marketing consultant. You post a new social media press release  on your website about the latest trends. Here are a few ways you might quickly promote it:

  • Tweet it to your network
  • Write a short post that uses the same key words but from a different perspective on your blog
  • Build a Squidoo lens for the topic
  • All of these should link to the page you want to highlight

Creating profiles
Profiles are important. These are often the first thing people read to find out about you and your company. If it doesn’t give enough information or it’s offensive or silly they may assume that you are too. Always create a full profile before participating on any social network. Build a little file on your computer with a well written bio, some basic information about you. A couple of head shots or avatars and you can set up your profiles quickly and easily. Be sure to check your company policy about setting up usernames and mentioning the company in your profile.

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