There are cases where Facebook worked beautifully for a business. Dean Koontz built both a Facebook and MySpace profile for a character in his book “Odd Thomas” and the two sites quickly became fan sites and were fairly effective for sales of the books, complete with fan testimonials.

Many wineries and restaurants are using the site to create fan clubs or contests for their customers. Software companies like Serena software built private groups to use as an intranet for its 800 employees instead of installing custom software.

Apps that play on the fun aspects of Facebook have been a big success. Facebook’s iPhone App had over 1 million users in just a couple of months after launch. Other popular apps “sell” for a few dollars, but the number of users quickly translates to big bucks.

Visa created the “Visa Business Network” app, which takes information about users to help them better network with other small business owners. They also worked with Facebook to offer those that install the app a credit towards advertising on Facebook.

Facebook polls are a wonderful way to reach a large market and sample their opinions, IF the people taking the poll are in your market.

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