So you’ve decided to get your business set up on Facebook! Congratulations. Now let’s talk setting your personal and business accounts up separately to give you privacy and promote your business more effectively.

Your Facebook profile is your personal account. This is where you should connect with friends and family and those clients who are so close they feel like family. It is not where you should be running your business. For that, you need a Facebook Fan Page.

Facebook fan pages are quite literally pages where your fans can connect with your business and share information. You can have as many fan pages as you like and people who connect with you on your fan page do not have access to your personal profile unless you let them. In this way you can keep some semblance of separation between your personal life and friends and your business.

Fan pages are actually created under the advertising tab of your personal profile, so you’ll still need to set up a personal account. After that there are a whole lot of options to connect with fans. They also allow you to set up multiple administrators without giving away your password to your personal account or other sensitive information.

What are the pluses of Fan pages?

  • Be easily found by people searching for your product or like services on Facebook
  • Connect and engage with potential customers who can then share your fan page with their friends (create evangelists)
  • Create community around your product, including discussion, contests and link sharing
  • Promote other content you create like web sites, webinars and other social media accounts
  • Pages are public and so are indexed by the search engines
  • Users can fan your page without having to go through administration so the adoption rate is higher

Negatives of fan pages

  • Take some maintenance and nurturing to grow
  • Anyone can fan your page
  • Categories are very broad
  • You must check it at least daily since there are no alerts for new posts from fans

OK, that’s it really. Fan pages have some good and some not so good traits, but all in all they are great for traffic and buzz if you have the time to post and maintain them.

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