FriendFeed was initially a place where you could bring your social network RSS feeds into one place and share your information and your favorite links with your friends and see theirs too. FriendFeed helps you share your stuff, discover the stuff your friends think is cool and discuss how cool it is. Seems simple right?

Soon after FriendFeed launched people started forming “rooms” where they could focus sharing around areas of interest and through the “room” broaden their network by meeting other people with similar interests and share and discuss with them too.

Social media took off and suddenly there were a LOT of social networks that could feed into your FriendFeed page. You can bring in blogs, micro-blogs, videos, and all kinds of other content as well as your own thoughts for discussion. People can “like” what you post and/or comment on it and there are often spirited discussions around the topic from a wide range of people.

All of this can seem a bit overwhelming to a newbie to social media, but if you start slow and follow a few easy guidelines you may find you use FriendFeed as a central repository for your social media information.

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