Why give away a free report?

As an affiliate marketer the more you can give your prospects in terms of quality and information, the more you’ll stay on their minds.  Giving a way a free report is a good way to build your mailing list as well as give something of value to your customers.  You’re also establishing yourself as an expert in your chosen field, which will build trust and credibility with your customers.

It’s also thought that when customers download a special report onto their computers it creates a sense of increased value.  This report is on their computer and they can access it at any time, whereas an email can simply be deleted.  If you go a step further and have a nice cover made for your free special report you will increase the perceived value even further.

So when do you write a free report?

Every time you can is the answer.  Free reports can be written around a product or several products you’re promoting to your target market.  For example, if you’re promoting a learn to read phonics program for parents of younger children, then you can write a report which talks about the importance of reading to children, how early reading helps build vocabulary and self esteem and so on.  You can add reading statistics about reading improvement by using the phonics system and even include a story or two about children whose reading has improved due to using phonics.

The report shouldn’t read like a sales pitch but instead should focus on providing value to your customers and the information they crave.  Throughout the special report you can include your affiliate link to a recommended phonics programs, and perhaps several other affiliate links for similar helpful products.  You don’t want too many links and you want to make sure the products you do recommend are all related.

How long should the free report be?

It all depends on the product you’re promoting and the information which needs to be shared.  There are some special free reports which are quite long and others shorter.  On average 15 to 17 pages is reasonably good, but it all depends on your target market and the information they’re looking for.

Writing a free special report is a great way to promote affiliate products you believe in.

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