The whole idea behind starting a group is to create a place where you, your peers and friends learn together and share ideas. Do take the time to enjoy the group and the people in it.

You don’t have to have a blog, your own forum, a Twitter account or even a Facebook page to participate in social media. You can participate very effectively through commenting on blogs, forums and social media sites. When you find a post that resonates with you add your thoughts and get in on the conversation.  Add value to the conversation. Offer your expertise. Support the poster if you agree with them and if you don’t be respectful and offer data for your argument. When participating like this you can quickly become a vital member of the community and a resource to whom people turn both on and offline.

Remember though, this is still a public venue. Be transparent about who you are and try to be consistent. If you go all Jekyll and Hyde people won’t trust you. Did you ever hear somebody say “She’s exactly the person I thought she would be”? That’s a successful personal brand in action. Remember you represent your brand, especially if that brand is you and anything you say on social media networks is part of your brand’s legacy.

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