If you are a regular commenter and you find new places to post through searches etc, you can find yourself in the odd place of losing track of everywhere you posted a comment. Short of bookmarking and cataloging each one Backtype keeps track of your comments on blogs and keeps a running list for you. Even better, Backtype allows you to follow other members’ comments too so you can see what they’ve said and where they’re having discussions and join in too.
Is a service that lets you clip snippets of websites, blog posts, forums etc and then post it to your own account on Amplify complete with your comments on the clip (and a link back to the original page). The post can be delivered to your Twitter, Facebook or social bookmarking account as well and commented on by other members as well as your network. This is a great tool when you don’t want to write an entire blog post but have more to say that will fit comfortably on a micro-blog.

Amplify has a feature that lets you follow other users and see when they clip new posts. This is great because it reminds you to come back to check out the new content, and you can keep on top of what your colleagues are talking about.

Disqus not only tracks your comments across sites like Backtype does, it integrates into your own blog to help you manage and gather data on the comments on your site. They’ve recently introduced a slew of sharing features that can reduce the number of plug-ins you need to install and make it easy to manage it all from one place.

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