First off Twitter is not all about numbers. You need followers and at first you need to figure out how to find them and connect and that’s what this post is about. It is NOT advice on how to get thousands of followers just for the sake of numbers.

  • Be a regular tweeter. Try to tweet at least once a day. If you tweet regularly people will start looking for your tweets and you will be a regular part of their reading day.
  • Tweet at different times of the day. Although you want to be regular, try tweeting at different times of the day to connect with new people who aren’t on Twitter at the same time.
  • Add value. Being consist ant in the quality of content you deliver either by re-tweets or links to other people’s quality content will make you somebody people want to follow.
  • Don’t be inane. It’s OK to make personal observations once in a while (like once in every 50 tweets!) but really, nobody cares about your tuna fish sandwich. Don’t just fill space. If you have nothing interesting to say share somebody else’s interesting tip or just listen.
  • Ask people to follow you. I know, seems basic doesn’t it? But a lot of people forget to tell anybody they are on Twitter. Link to it from your blog. Add it to your email and newsletter signature. Link to it from your site, your blog, Facebook and LinkedIn, just for starters.
  • Share with your network. Take a moment to scan your followers for interesting news. Better yet, go look at their blogs, read them and both comment and add a link to the blog with your feedback. Sharing your visibility with your followers gets them to notice you as well as their followers too!
  • Find new people to follow. Do this with searches and listening tools. Find someone you admire? Look to see who they are following and follow them too. then engage them in conversation about their latest post or re-tweet them. This opens up a whole new network of possible followers.
  • Be helpful. If somebody asks a question go out of your way to find the answer. People will begin to see you as the resourceful problem solver in their network.
  • Don’t forget that your profile is a web site. Use your search engine optimization techniques to make your profile focused and keyword rich.
  • Run contests through Twitter like re-tweet contests where users have to re-tweet your post to win a prize . Make it relevant to who you are!
  • Offer support for your product or service through Twitter.
  • Set up question and answer sessions (Tweet Chats) through Twitter using hashtags to keep track of them.
  • Live tweet an important presentation or conference. (be careful, over-tweeting can backfire and result in lost followers.)

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