Write up a few blog posts with information that will be valuable to your network. These don’t have to be long. In fact from an SEO standpoint they are more valuable if they’re short, to the point and rich with information and keywords.

Upload a great product demo to YouTube, and some pictures of the team and the new product to Flickr.

The image below illustrates what the network around your blog can look like and some individual points of presence you might have. There can be a lot more or less, but I think you’ll see where I’m going with this. Your blog is the central point of presence in this universe.

When you make a blog post you let your Twitter network know by posting a link to the blog post on Twitter. Use the title of the post and some carefully chosen phrasing to make it interesting and keyword appropriate. (Meaning the words you use need to actually be an important part of the post!)

Depending on the blog platform you’re using, you will either manually or automatically ping Technorati to let it know you’ve written something new. You should also have tools like pingomatic set up to automatically update the search engines and blog catalog services that you’ve posted something new.

Your Twitter and blog RSS feeds should be set up to automatically go to FriendFeed and your LinkedIn profile.

Post a complementary post on Posterous with additional useful information and use Posterous’s feeds to auto post it to Twitter, LinkedIn, delicious, reddit, tumblr and stumbleupon.

Get accounts at MyBlogLog and Blog Catalog and add your RSSĀ  feed to help spread the word about your new post.

Post the videos you will use in your blog on YouTube, Vimeo Seesmic or other video posting venues and then pick one to import into your blog.

Post the pictures to Flickr and tag the people in them so they will know the images are posted and can share them and your posts with their networks.

Hopefully other blogs will find your post interesting and link to it with their own comments. They may also link to your Flickr images or the videos.

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