I’m going to use a winery as the example, but you can take the same concepts and apply them to any field.

How do you decide what to listen for if you want to get beyond your product, your brand and your own fine self? You can use tools like Google’s keyword tool, sites like Keywordfinder and several others, but I like to use mindmapping tools for this.

First we sit down and do a little stream of consciousness keyword generation. We come up with the top 5-6 keywords that relate to areas of interest we can talk about. They may or may not be loosely related to the company, the partners, or competitors or your clients. I pulled this together based on what I know about the winery as a consumer, so it is going to show you how I look at this business.

  • The focus is especially on what potential connections are interested in.
  • Trust me, your brand and your product are probably not first to mind.
  • They may be looking for wine in a particular region or a place to picnic while they wine taste.
  • They may be talking about food and wine pairing and looking for a good match.
  • Maybe they’re touring Santa Clara Valley on business and they want to find a place to taste, have a little picnic, and get be entertained
  • Maybe they are musicians as well and they’ve love to support other musicians.

(Graphic courtesy of mindmeister.com)

OK, so you’ve got a list of keywords. Now you have to find out where people are talking about these things. Are they on Wine blogs? Forums about musicians, soccer or cricket? Facebook, Twitter or communities like Ning groups? To find out you need to do some searches and set up some alerts to let you know where a topic is being discussed.

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