Find other blogs in the same space and add your voice in the comments section. If you’re signed up with backtype or Disqus any comments you make will be tracked and links to your comments and the blog they are on will show up on backtype’s site.

Clip interesting posts and share them in Amplify or Twitter or FriendFeed. You don’t want to share exactly the same thing to all your networks. You want to add something a little different so you are adding value for your followers. You’re trying to show you are a valuable resource in their networks with good links to appropriate on topic information they want to have. Vary which of your sites you link to so posts are exposed to different parts of your networks.

If someone links to your post from their blog or Twitter, go there and say thank you. Add value to the discussion there if you can, and remember them. Maybe you can find something in common and both write on a similar topic to keep the conversation rolling. As you develop more of these relationships it will be come easier and easier to find something to blog about because your conversations will be deeper and richer and better for everyone involved.

Link to all of these different posts and comments in social bookmarking sites like delicious, reddit, and stumbleupon and encourage your co-workers and network to do the same if they find it interesting.

Use Amplify to clip an excerpt of a site or blog you like and post it for discussion on the amplify site. You can also clip your own posts here occasionally but it’s bad form to only clip your own posts!

Use Tumblr to post images and short posts that relate to your area of interest and link them back to your site. These should have different content than the blog but generally be about the same focused topics. Do the same thing on Posterous.

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