As soon as I saw Seesmic’s shiny new desktop I gave up Nambu. The only things I miss are the link list, (you can scan all the links you’ve received or sent) and the notes indicating how many messages were in the lists in the left-hand navigation.

Seesmic recently introduced a host of new features and the app is iterating at a mad rate. Loic Le Meur presented at the Inbound Media Summit and was very frank about the development process at Seesmic. Get the thing launched, be prepared for a lot of feedback, listen and respond to your users as best as possible. Repeat.

How can you not support a team like this, huh? Every release adds new features. Most recently:

  • Facebook Integration
  • Following and Un following Twitter users
  • Ability to “Favorite” tweets and “Like” Facebook posts
  • Clearing the timeline from a “USERLIST” with the “CLEAR” button
  • Validation messages (url validation for short url, credential validation to share images)

Seesmic Desktop - jfouts@twitter

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