Social bookmarking sites are abundant and a very popular way to save your favorites, share them with friends and drive traffic to your content. A very short list of the most popular are:
Digg, Yahoo! Buzz, StumbleUpon, reddit, delicious, kaboodle, Propeller, twine, diigo
Blinklist, newsvine.

Social Bookmarking is a deep subject, but this will get you on your way and help you avoid the biggest mistakes.

Every post, image, multimedia piece, image or video you do can be marketed through a social media bookmarking site somewhere. The question is, which one? Who is your market and where are THEY bookmarking?

Search some networks that interest you, and see what quality of content comes up. Do you see the same people over and over posting links in your niche? Where else are they posting? How often do they post? Who are they connected to?

How many posts are there of interest to you on this site? Will you be unique or totally alone? Alone isn’t good. If you are marketing a recipe site it may not be a good fit for a bookmarking site that focuses mostly on technology and software like reddit. If your site is all about product reviews kaboodle is probably a good fit.

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