Choose 2-3 networks to post on first, and get to know and find the users you want to connect with. Maybe they are in the same field or maybe they have a complementary interest. Read some of their posts and vote them up, re-share them with your network or otherwise support them, even if you don’t have anything bookmarked yet.

Start building the relationships first and then start posting your own links. Don’t ask or expect that they will re-share every single post of yours. Be patient. Quality content gets shared.

We’ve all heard the stories of the post that made the front page of Digg and instantly rocketed the site to stardom. This is very cool when it happens. It doesn’t happen very often. In fact about 100 users on Digg control more than half of the posts on the home page. They are VERY popular because they can really help you if they want to.

They will help you if you support them, link back to them on other networks, only bother them with your finest content when you ask for support back and then wait patiently. If you keep producing quality content and supporting other quality content the users will notice. Until then, build this castle brick by brick and be patient, friendly and persistent.

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