Seems like a load of work doesn’t it? Well it’s not really. If you paid attention you’ll see that once the accounts are set up a lot of this is done automatically through RSS feeds and auto posts, leaving you to reply and respond, carry on conversations on other blogs, Twitter and groups on LinkedIn where you can be building relationships as well as traffic.

The majority of the network will buzz along quite happily on its own, and as people discover your bookmarks and posts they’ll subscribe to your feeds and start to talk with you, making your conversations richer and the search engines happier as they bounce from link to link all enhanced with keyword rich content and conversations.

This will pay off fairly quickly in focused traffic to your blog and a higher visibility for you on your chosen topic in the search engines. Expect to see results in 3-6 moths with a definite impact on traffic, and more importantly-user interaction.

Again, let me remind you this is just one scenario. There is no magic bullet, and there are thousands of possible variations. You need to look at the resources and time you have available and then investigate the networks to see which will work for you.

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