There are also real time monitoring tools that let you quickly search for breaking events, and you can also do a real time search to see if someone is talking about you while they are standing in line. Several cases have been reported of Southwest Air and Jet Blu where someone was standing in line and late for their gate at the airport and complaining on Twitter. Someone who was listening for the airline on Twitter caught it in real time, contacted the ticket counter and resolved the situation on the spot.

Don’t think for a second that THAT story didn’t get shared and re-shared as a customer service success. It’s a win win for everybody right? People are beginning to actually expect this kind of service, and if you don’t provide it they’re going to look for someone who does.

Before you groan and tell me you don’t get Twitter and don’t want to use it let me say that you don’t have to Tweet to take advantage of Twitter. Whether you tweet  or not though, you can’t afford not to listen to it. Twitter can give you real time issues as in the case just discussed, it’s very keyword focused and it’s a huge source for inbound links and links to information you may have missed if you weren’t looking for them. Tweeting is not for everybody, but at least include it in your listening campaign.

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