To connect effectively with the people in your network, you need to create relationships. You need to understand the needs, the pains and the joys of the community. You need to nurture these relationships with attention, caring and entertainment. Yes it is work, but the rewards can be almost immediate.

Case Study: BofA

A friend recently had an issue with an automated teller at the local Bank of America branch. The bank manager couldn’t help because the teller was maintained by an outside agency. Phone customer service couldn’t help because she didn’t have the account number on the checks she’d deposited.

In vain she shared her issues on Twitter, mostly as a way of venting. @BofA_help heard her though, and within 24 hours she had a call from a VP in the customer service department who solved her problem.

Just two days later, @BofA_help helped me work through a billing snafoo that both the bank and customer service hadn’t resolved and returned nearly $500 in mis-assigned fees. Since then I’ve referred several people to @BofA_help with good results. What’s the lesson? Both my friend and I have become advocates for a brand we were ready to walk away from. One tweet and a positive result turned us around.

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