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Traditional marketing methods are all about getting the product in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Preferably with a catchy enough slogan or design to differentiate yourself from the herd. Failing that, some marketers turn to volume. If you can reach millions of people every day on Twitter or Facebook and it’s FREE, why not take advantage of that opportunity to get eyeball share by setting up scheduled messaging to hit people at varying times of day, see which time slot gets the most clicks and then bombard that time slot with special offers until you get some sales? Why not get as many followers, friends and connections as possible so you can use those numbers in your marketing reports? Isn’t it all about metrics?

Doing so makes it crystal clear that you don’t get social media, and you may actually be doing your brand more damage than you think. Go ahead, try it if you must, and watch people simply un-friend, un-follow and turn their backs on you. Oh, and don’t think they won’t be talking about you after you go, just not the way you might have hoped. Don’t think it will easy to win them back either. Social media is just that. It’s social. It’s about relationships between individuals not companies.

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