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Profile image: The thumbnail icon that is your avatar is another way people are going to decide if you’re interesting or not. If they see your shining face along with influential discussions in their area of interest they’re going to remember you and want to talk to you.

You can use the company logo, but it’s really not as interesting as you are. Twitter is a place of one-on-one conversations. People want to know who you are. Use a casual shot with some personality. It’s been interesting to go to events and have people greet me because they recognize my picture from a network, without ever having met in person. People identify you with your avatar, like it or not.

Background image and colors: These may reflect the brand of your company or anything that has meaning for you. You have some real estate to work with on the left hand side of the page. Many people put additional information here. It’s not clickable, but allows you to expand on your short bio. There are services to help set up a good Twitter background or you can make your own with a simple large image.

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