I love Vimeo for it’s high quality videos and the TV-like quality but it’s not really appropriate for how-to and quick web cam videos.

Seesmic excels at personality rich snapshots, and it’s really great for quick video captures of a moment, a technique tip or even comments on your blog.

12SecondTV is a lot harder than it sounds actually, but if you can think of a series of short videos only 12 seconds in length you can deliver a lot of bang for your time spent.

Bottom line, whichever video service you use:

•    Think of how you can get the word out about your videos.

•    Include videos in blog posts, emails, Tweets.

•    Put a clickable link in the first line of your description (under 25 characters)

•    Comment on videos on the channel with a link to see one of yours or a relevant bit of info on your blog or website.

•    Create a video in response to a video you’ve seen. This is wildly popular and offers wonderful traffic generating capabilities. Just be respectful of the original poster please.

•    Don’t forget your call to action. Don’t leave a possible lead not knowing what to do next!

•    Build an icon or banner that goes on all your videos. Keep your brand front and center, especially in case the video is shared or embedded on other sites.

•    Use YouTube’s insight feature to find out which videos are performing well and then think about why and how you can do even better next time.

Video Tutorial

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