Most people immediately think of YouTube when they think of video online. The site has more videos posted than any other site in the world. Unfortunately, people also think of YouTube as a big time suck, even more so than Twitter. How are you going to make it something you can sell to the CXOs and still be interesting?

Start with ease of use. Sites like YouTube, Seesmic, Vimeo and others make it super easy for you to upload a video and distribute it in just a few minutes to thousands of people. You can create your own “channels” to distribute videos around a particular topic or theme and quite quickly find your following, drive traffic to your website and build buzz about your product.

You don’t have to be stupid or silly to make a splash. Sometimes simple is best.

Maybe you’ve got a new product or method to demonstrate? Do it with video and share that video on your other social networks. Get it shared and you’re on the way to building buzz.

Are you able to do a video demonstrating a process or your skill set? How about a video presentation about how you see your market changing or opportunities? You could do a video resume and post it on YouTube, Seesmic or Vimeo. If it’s appropriate, do a series on with industry tips and tricks then post a widget full of them on your blog.

How-to videos are a huge way to get traffic and they don’t have to be on a product you own. Many consultants have built their business on how-to videos of products they want to get hired to work with.

When you’re thinking about videos for web distribution think short and sweet. Try for 1-3 minutes maximum to deliver your message. It’s better to break it up into several short pieces and distribute separately, thereby increasing the number of links back and forth and creating something new for users to come back to your channel for again and again.

Speaking of SEO, YouTube offers several ways to tell the world what your movie is about. Title, description, tags ratings and comments all affect your Google rank as well as your visibility. Think carefully when setting this up for maximum distribution. Then share links to your networks and watch your traffic grow.

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