When you’re figuring out how you want to use social media sites you need to be honest about your time and resources. Can you commit to a schedule? How much time can you devote? Do you already have content available that you can re-purpose for your social media efforts? (See the section on content for ideas). Is your team up to the challenge of spreading the word throughout their own networks? Are you sure you want to do this?

This is work. You have to spend time nurturing your network and you can’t be insincere about it. You have to take the time to really engage, develop relationships and follow up leads. You have to really want to be part of the relationship. If they even sniff insincerity or disguised sales techniques you’re toast.

If you can’t make the time to engage find somebody in your company who does. If it’s not something the company is ready to commit to, it’s better to put it off than do it badly. As much as social media is the heart and soul of the way I do business, it just might not be right for the way you run YOUR business.

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