Have you been thinking of putting together an information product but just find yourself short of time?  Even if you have a little extra time, it can be tough to tackle such a big job; sometimes it makes sense to outsource part or even the entire project.

Here are a few tips for outsourcing your information product creation:

Get samples from any writer you’re considering before committing to the job.  You should also have them write a set number of “test” pages or a small section of the book before fully committing.  You’ll need to pay them for this and if you’re not happy with the work it may mean you do lose that money but it’s better to find out early on in the project than when you’ve fully committed.

Visit online forums and ask for recommendations.  There are lots of online marketing discussion forums where you may be able to find recommendations for writers.  Just keep in mind everyone’s opinions vary so you shouldn’t take what other people say as gospel but it may give you an idea of who to contact.

If you don’t feel up to fully outsourcing the whole task you can simply outsource the research side of things or even the product outline or both the outline and the research.  It really is up to you.  The writing part will usually be the most expensive and time consuming so if you’re on a budget perhaps you could outsource the first two and do the writing yourself.

You can outsource research and product outline to a virtual assistant.  Again, you can visit online marketing discussion forums and ask for recommendations.  You can also do a search under “virtual assistant” and you should find a number of different services, but recommendations are always best, especially when working with people online whom you won’t see face to face.

Visit places like elance.com or guru.com.  In these places you can post a project and freelancers will bid on different projects.  You can also view samples of the person’s work (in many cases) and read past reviews and feedback they’ve been given.

Outsourcing is a great idea, especially if you’ve been holding back on getting started.

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