RobotThere are people who will tell you you can OWN any niche you want to on Google if you just do some article marketing. You have to be laser focused, create a bunch of carefully keyword tweaked posts and then distribute them to an array of hundreds of web sites eager to share your content.

Once that happens baby, you’re home free and rolling in Google juice. People will FLOCK to your web site and buy anything you’re selling. the SERPS will be through the roof! They’ll buy the pictures off the walls!

OK, enough of that, let’s get down to some facts.

Publishing content on multiple web sites which then syndicates that same article to other sites means that your one post could end up on hundreds of web sites. Sounds good right? I mean the more it’s seen the better right? And won’t the search engines all follow the link at the end of your post back to your blog? Doesn’t that count as an incoming link?

Well sorta, but let’s talk about the value of links.

Page RankOn the other hand if a bunch of low-ranking sites carry your post doesn’t it degrade the value of what you’ve written?

And then the people who find those posts on low ranking sites use them to fill up a site THEY are using to increase their page rank by importing rss feeds from low-ranked article sites and where does that leave you?

With a few incoming links from low ranked sites and your name on a bunch of low-ranked sites.

Considering how much work it is to build keyword focused posts and submit them to the article sites is this really worth your time?

There’s a whole business out here of sites built in wordpress that form a network of article directories which then circulate content from auto submitters. Many of them don’t actually include the back links they say they’re going to and because you used an auto submitter you’ll never know any different. Like this post.

Then there’s the duplicate content question
Google says they don’t penalize for duplicate content. What they DO do is classify a post based on how appropriate it is to the site it’s found on. Say you create an article and post it on an article marketing site and it gets posted to a web site very specific to your niche market. If their page rank is higher than yours, Google may decide that the content fits with their site better and move it higher in the search engine results. (SERPS) than your own site. The article you wrote is now promoted on Google on the other site and it will take people to that site first instead of yours. You still get a good back link but is that all you want?

OK, so who really benefits from auto-posting?

  • The people who sell you the automation software.
  • The people who got you to come to the seminar, webinar or podcast to learn how to do it.
  • The people who sell ads related to “MARKETING MILLIONS!!!”
  • People who sell software and want there only to be good reviews so they publish endless articles to bury bad reviews of their products.

That doesn’t make all article marketing bad
You can write truly useful posts and carefully place them on sites with good page ranks ( is a good example) and who follow their own rules and create links back to your site. If it’s a respected site the back link will be useful to you, the content will be useful to readers and it’s a win-win all around. It can drive traffic and raise your authority level on a specific topic.

Do it right or don’t do it at all

  • Marketing with a robot is pretty much never a good idea. You need to carefully craft your posts and get them onto quality sites.
  • You should alter the post if you’re going to post it on more than one site to get the most out of the content.
  • Articles that explain how to do something or reviews of products are good ways to establish credibility on such a site.
  • Use your knowledge of your niche to share valuable information that is worth the time to read the article.
  • Do your homework on the page rank of the site you’re posting on before you put up the article.

On the other hand you might do even better with a good commenting strategy. Adding valuable content to great sites and having them come back to comment on your own blog may have even more value. But that’s another post!

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