Finding images online is easy right? You do a little search on Google and all the world’s your oyster. Uh… no. Using somebody else’s images could be a violation of copyrights. Sometimes that can turn into a very big deal.

You could buy images for as little as a dollar from sites like Fotolia, Dreamstime or Veer or for thousands from Comstock and other stock image houses, but if you write a lot of posts that gets expensive.

Creative Commons licenses for images on Flickr need to be read before use as some require attribution or permission. So can I hear a Yahoo! for Yahoo!? They’re filtering their search now by level of Creative Commons license.

Yahoo! Image Search Results for images

So you can easily search the web for images with Creative Commons Licenses for your posts. It’s still a good idea to check the license on the images but at least it gets you out of stock photography sameville.

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