If you follow us on Twitter you’ve already seen the notice from WordPress that a critical update was just released. So, what does this mean and what do you need to do if you have a WordPress blog?

What’s the problem?
This update fixes a vulnerability in WordPress’s coding that could allow a hacker to steal login and other sensitive information from visitors to a site. The issue was discovered by two coders, Mauro Gentile and Jon Cave, who alerted WordPress to the issue.

Should I get rid of my WordPress blog?
Not at all. These things happen with pretty much any software, and it’s great that there’s such an avid community of developers around WordPress who catch these things before trouble starts!

If your blog is hosted on WordPress.com, don’t worry, they’ll take care of it for you. If you are a self hosted site (on your own domain server) then you need to update your WordPress install as soon as you can.

Here’s what you need to do:

Back up your WordPress
This is just good practice and you should do it every time you update or at least once a month. That way if something goes awry you’ve got a way to get your posts back.

Check your plugins
Some plugins may not be ready for a new update. Since this update is urgent and it’s very focused, it’s a logical assumption that if your plugin works in WordPress version 3.0 it’s going to work in 3.04. Check the plugin page on WordPress to see if your plugins are compatible. If one isn’t, decide if you can live without it until the developer catches up or find an alternative.

Run the update
Here’s a video taken from our WordPress Class series on how to update WordPress.

Video Tutorial

Click the close button to return to the web page.

Still don’t want to deal with it?
We can do it for you. We’ll back up your WordPress files, check your plugins and update your install for a one time payment of $50. Ask us about our WordPress program which includes monthly updates, automated backups and tips and tricks on how to make your WordPress blog even better. Just use the form below to get in touch with our team.

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