If you haven’t heard of Google Moderator, you’re probably not alone. It doesn’t seem to be one of the Google applications that has gotten much press or online mention. Recently though, Google Moderator was given a significant boost as they announced that Google Moderator was now integrated with YouTube so that you can now solicit real time feedback from your YouTube audience. Google Moderator allows your audience to actively participate in a question or topic post by you where they can post text or video responses and vote on which ones they like the best.

What is Google Moderator?

Google Moderator is a social networking platform where you can solicit feedback on a topic, ask for questions or suggestion and then users vote on what interests them most. This can be used for helping to prepare for what content to include a presentation, what topics readers would be most interested in having you write about, what videos they might like or to help determine questions for an interview. Now, with the integration with YouTube, you can not only add a YouTube video to your topic or question, but you can embed Google Moderator into your YouTube channel. Users can respond by posting their question or comment either in text form or they can submit a video response.

YouTube showcased a prime example of how to use Google Moderator with YouTube when they used it to determine which questions or topics to ask with their interview with President Obama. YouTube opened up suggestions for questions and topics on their CitizenTube channel and had over 660,000 people vote on almost 12,000 video and text questions.

YouTube is also promoting the use of Google Moderator as part of their You Choose 2010 Campaign tools for politicians where they suggest using it as a way to interact directly with constituents. Another good example of how Google Moderator is being used is on the New York Times YouTube channel. They have set it up to solicit questions and topic ideas forĀ  Op-Ed columnist Nicholas Kristof who then selects some of the more popular ones and respond to them by video on nytimes.com and in an installment of Timescast. We review how this is set up on their channel in the video below.

The video below will also cover the basics of signing into Google Moderator and how to set up a topic for discussion. We’ll also show you how to enable Google Moderator on your YouTube channel. You will need an account with Google to use Moderator and you will need to have a YouTube channel in order to use Moderator in conjunction with YouTube and for posting video within your Moderator topics.

You can find out more information here about how to set up and use Google Moderator. See more examples on YouTube’s blog of how others are using Google Moderator with their YouTube channels.

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