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Last week we covered some of the basics for how to get started with setting up Hootsuite as a social networking dashboard. As a tool for managing your social networks all in one place, Hootsuite is a web application tool for managing multiple platforms at once. This post will focus on how to monitor keywords or keyword phrases in Twitter as well as tips for how to bring in existing Twitter Lists or creating new ones for following groups of Twitterers and monitoring conversations.

Tracking keywords or phrases in Twitter is a a good way to find new people follow or to monitor what people are saying about you, your business or your brand. It also provides the ability to monitor and track what your competitors are doing or what people are tweeting about your competitors. Some people will set keyword tracking as a way to look for a new job or to research sentiment about a particular business or topic. As Twitter is one of the top platforms for feeding and generating real time news, tracking particular keywords ensures that you know in real time just what’s been said at any given time in relation to your keywords. The ability to track keywords or phrases is a critical component to any Twitter campaign.

In a previous post, we covered how to use Twitter lists effectively for managing groups of other Twitterers, following groups of people around a specific topic or as a means to find new followers. Another useful feature in Hootsuite is the ability to pull in any Twitter lists you might have already created or that you are following as well as creating a new Twitter list. You can also add new people to your Twitter lists in Hootsuite as well.  Pulling Twitter lists into Hootsuite gives you the ability to monitor more than one list at a time as opposed to using the Twitter web application where you must manually click on each list you want to view and can only view one at a time.

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