Facebook is one of the largest photo-sharing sites with something like 2.5 Billion photos uploaded per month! Up to date however the upload process and organizing your photos has been a somewhat painful experience. Any day now you should start seeing Facebook’s new photo uploader plugin when you upload images. The plug-in is being phased in over the next few weeks.
Facebook Image Uploader
Once the new uploader is available to your account you’ll get a prompt to install the Facebook Plug-in. Click install and the process begins. You may also see a permission screen asking you to approve access to your computer. Say OK and installation takes just a minute or two.

After the plug-in is installed you’ll have an easy to use window to browse your hard drive, select images and upload them to your albums.

Facebook Image Uploader

Another nice feature is the uploader is asyncronous. That means you don’t have to hang out and watch your images upload. Go ahead and leave the page and come back when it’s done.

This new uploader is a nice addition to Facebook and about time!

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