Facebook surprised some of it’s users last week by announcing the layout changes will finally go live on August 23.

If you administer pages you may have already seen it in the pages you manage.(Admins are getting Up to now a user created tab could be as wide as 760 pixels wide, giving you plenty of room to create a great looking page with lots of content and make that the landing page when users visit the page.

As of the 23rd of August that’s going to change to just 520 pixels wide, dramatically reducing the real estate and messing up a whole lot of great looking pages.

Most of the big companies have changed their layouts already like the Gap, and some like Victoria’s Secret seem to be in transition. We cropped the page below to show you the difference.

Facebook tab width

Current Tab Width

new Facebook Tab Width

New Width 520

Needless to say it’s got Facebook app developers scrambling to catch up, so if you need a Facebook page created you should keep the new sizes in mind and be patient as you look for an app developer.

By the way if your developer didn’t let you know about this it’s not really their fault. Although the changes were announced a while ago there actual date they were going into effect were vague at best and even denied from time to time. Many developers took a “wait and see” attitude or decided to let the pages go as long as possible to keep them looking great. Currently there is no tagging to allow a dynamic change so you either wait or change now and live with it.

You can’t help but wonder what they’re going to do with that extra space. Two columns of ads perhaps?

Boxes are changing too
Besides the size change it’s important to note that boxes will disappear from your profile and pages shortly too. To find applications that once were in your boxes users will have to bookmark those apps instead. Here’s a really great post from Bryan Person on how to manage the boxes  change.

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