Facebook LikesWe’ve been able to see mutual friends in common on other users’ profiles but now Facebook has quietly incorporated the pages you “like” in common too. While this could be a useful research tool, well, it could be a useful research tool.

You’ll find the new box located under your friends lists on the left hand side of a Facebook profile.

Clearly Facebook’s goal is to get users to use the likes panel more and like more pages. You can browse the users’ likes in common and if it seems like they’re a good fit for you then maybe so are some of the pages you don’t know about yet and they do. It’s only natural to be curious right?

It seems to be an offshoot of the “community pages” feature release a few months ago. Community pages filter mention of popular topics into “community pages”. In fact if your “like page” becomes popular enough Facebook may convert it to a community page.

So next time you’re on Facebook researching a new “friend” take a look and see what likes you have in common. By the way you can control this setting under the privacy tab of your Facebook settings.

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