In a previous video post about Fan Page data, we looked at some of the charts and graphs Facebook offers to help you understand your fans and your fan interactions. As mentioned before, you can also download the raw data into a spreadsheet format for further manipulation and tabulation. There are three data export options which are Fan and Interaction data, Country data and Demographic data. You can download the data in an Excel spreadsheet format or another format to import it into another spreadsheet program like that found in Google Docs.

There are some drawbacks to using the Insights data. Primarily, the Insights data is often incomplete or incorrect in some areas and there is typically a two to three day lag. This means that if you want to look at data monthly, you will need to wait a few days past the date you want to look at to download the data. Looking at these numbers monthly or quarterly is helpful for understanding the direction you would like to go with your fan page.

In looking at the raw Insights data, you can determine how many fans you gained or lost from day to day or within a certain period of time. These data also give you a breakdown by day of your post’s quality. The post quality score is directly related to how much your fans interacted with a specific post. Reviewing your post quality scores with specific posts can give you a better idea of the types of content your fans like. Other interesting variables include the number of page views per day, number of unique visitors each day, number of people who unfanned your page and the number of people who hide your fan page posts from their news feed.

This video will show you the steps for downloading the data and a quick look at the data variables in a spreadsheet format.

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