If you build it, will they come? Maybe. You have your Facebook page all set up and a few people have become fans but you would surely like to continue growing your fan base. The following video tutorial will provide you with a few tips for helping you get more fans on your Facebook fan page.

The first tip will cover how to use the “Suggest to Friends” feature. Just under the profile picture on your Facebook Fan Page, if you click on the “Suggest to Fans” link, you can select any or all of your friends and invite them to become a fan of your fan page. This is helpful for a couple of reasons. First, for people who arrive at your Fan Page who are not your friends, they are likely to check and see how many fans the page already has as a way to determine if they would also like to become a fan of your Fan Page. So, having your friends as fans can help bolster confidence in getting new fans to join. The second reason is that when your friends become a fan of your page, then it goes into their Newsfeed and posts on the Wall of their personal profile which means their is the potential that their friends will see that they’ve joined your Fan Page and possibly join as well.

You can also post a status update from your Fan Page to all of your current fans asking them to use the “Suggest to Friends” feature to invite any of their friends to your Fan Page who they think might be interested.

The second tip in the video tutorial will show you show to generate the code to add a Facebook Fan Box Widget to your website or blog so that visitors to your website or blog can click to become fans of your Facebook Fan Page directly from your website. This does require knowing where to place the code on your website or blog. If you are not familiar with how to do this, then you can copy the code, paste it into NotePad and create a “.txt” file to send to your webmaster.

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