When Hootsuite came out it was primarily a Twitter management application. People liked it because you could track multiple Twitter accounts, keywords and schedule tweets all in one place. It still does all that but it also does so much more. Hootsuite has evolved to include management and posting to LinkedIn, Facebook profiles and fan pages, posting to WordPress, Ping.fm, MySpace and Foursquare. You can also schedule items to post to all of those networks using Hootsuite. While this application helps immensely for managing information coming in and going out to all of your social networks, it’s not a substitute for real interaction and we would caution against using it to post the same thing to all of your networks at the same time. It is a fantastic tools for helping to manage your networks though.

As part of a series of videos we’ll be doing about Hootsuite, this one will give a quick overview of how to add your social networks to your dashboard and then how to use schedule posts to go out. Pre-scheduling posts or items to go out can be helpful for when you would like information to continue to out on your social networks when you may not have time to log in and do it manually to each one. It can be a good supplement to the actual time you spend interacting or engaging personally on your networks.

Video Tutorial

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