There are several options for how you can pull in your Blog feed (or any RSS feed for that matter) to your Facebook Fan Page. The Facebook Notes application is one that is frequently used as a way to automatically post your blog posts to your Fan Page. The Notes feature also creates a place on your Fan Page where all of your previous posts are archived and accessible to your fans at any time. Some people, however, prefer to use other applications to auto feed their posts to their fan pages. These applications will post your blog posts to your fan page as a link which when clicked on will send your fans directly to the original post.  This can be helpful for driving traffic to your blog however, it might also be a barrier to getting your fans to read your full posts as some people may prefer or be more inclined to read the post if it’s posted in it’s entirety as can be done with the Notes application. The Notes application will also include a link at the end of the note where readers can click through to read the original post.

This video will cover the basics for how to import your blog feed to your Facebook Fan Page using the Notes Application.

If you would like to further explore other RSS feed applications on Facebook, here are the links to two applications that are often to used:

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