When it comes to sprucing up your LinkedIn profile and making it stand out from the masses, adding some LinkedIn applications can help your differentiate yourself and provide you with a platform to show off your work and expertise. Adding applications to your LinkedIn profile is a relatively new feature so the number of applications are limited and practically speaking, adding more than two or three to you profile would be overwhelming.

If you have a blog about your industry or business, then adding one of the blog applications to syndicate your blog posts directly to your profile is an excellent way to increase visibility for your blog. The application will automatically feed your posts to your profile, and will include a few lines of each post from your blog along with a link back to the original post on your blog.

Some of the other LinkedIn applications include:LI_Amazon

  • Amazon Reading List– This application gives you the ability to create a list of recommended books to those viewing your profile. You can pick different books listed on Amazon that you like, have read or want to recommend and to include a short review or commentary of each book. What’s nice about this application is that it also helps to increase the visibility of your profile.  When you change the books on your list, then there is the chance that others who are using the application, will see your updates if they are checking for updates from others in their network or in their industry.
  • LinkedIn Polls– Create a poll as one way to gather information from others in your industry or from your network. It’s also a good way to provide a little bit of interaction with others on LinkedIn.
  • SlideShare Presentations– If you have PowerPoint presentations that highlighted your business, industry or area of expertise, then the SlideShare application is a good way to share these. You could create a presentation just for your LinkedIn profile and bring it or you could bring a presentation that you have done in the past.  If you don’t have any presentations of your own, you can also bring in other SlideShare presentations done by other people that you like or would like to share with others. You will need to have a SlideShare account and will have to upload your presentation to the SlideShare site directly in order to bring it into your LinkedIn profile.
  • Google Presentation– This is another application that will let you share presentations on your profile.
  • My Travel– Share your travel plans and see where others in your network are going to be. This can is one way to create opportunities for face-to-face networking or to catch up with a connection you haven’t met with in awhile.
  • Twitter– Using this application, you can import all of your Twitter updates directly to your profile. If you already update your LinkedIn status directly from Twitter on daily basis, then you may not want to also add the Twitter application.
  • Workspace applications– There are a couple of other applications which make it easy to collaborate with others, share files and provide a secure online space for working together.

This video will provide a quick overview of how to find the application’s directory in LinkedIn and how to add an application to your LinkedIn profile.

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