LinkedIn recently launched a new feature which allows users to now “follow” LinkedIn company profiles. This feature has been described as the LinkedIn equivalent of becoming a fan or “liking” a business page on Facebook. But that’s really where the similarity ends. When you follow a company on LinkedIn you will receive notifications for activity from the companies you follow on your LinkedIn homepage when you log in as well as a daily or weekly email update. LinkedIn was also good enough to provide you with options for controlling which type of notifications you receive.

LinkedIn Follow Companies Notifications

As you can see in the screenshot above, when you follow a company on LinkedIn, you can receive notices of when employees leave, join or get promoted in that company, new job opportunities or when the company updates their profile.  It would seem likely that this feature will prompt more organizations and companies to join LinkedIn or to keep their profiles updated to take advantage of increasing their visibility among job seekers and talented professionals.

This video tutorial will go over how to follow a company, where to find the company updates on your LinkedIn homepage and how to set which notifications you want to receive from a company.

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