LinkedIn announced last week the addition of a Promotions tab to Groups where members can post sales and promotions. The Promotions tab will be helpful in cleaning up the discussions area and helping members to more easily find discussions they might be interested in. It’s not uncommon to find a whole page of the discussions are with group members posting announcements of webinars, trainings or other business offers. Now with the new Promotions tab, this moves those postings from the discussions area and will help facilitate discussion.

You also have the ability to flag a post in the discussions  as a promotion and move it to the Promotions tab. Anticipating that members will continue to post promotions in the discussion area because it is a higher visibility area, LinkedIn implemented this feature to empower members with some element of control in helping moderate the discussions area and keeping it restricted to discussions. This means that members must also help and be vigilant about flagging inappropriate posts in the discussions area.

Another newly released feature is a section called Group Rules. This allows group moderators to create and post the rules for the group so all members can easily find and review the rules of the group. Previously, there was no section for this so rules either ended up in the Group Summary or was posted permanently at the top of the Discussions area.

LinkedIn users who frequently look through or participate in Groups will welcome these new features. It appears these features along with other recent changes to the Groups area, indicate that LinkedIn is making an effort to help clean up Groups and make them more user friendly and less full of spam. Many Groups on LinkedIn have either been over-run by spammers or abandoned by their moderators which generally have the effect of driving down member participation. With these features and changes, Groups will become a more useful networking and information exchange tool for LinkedIn users.

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