Facebook profile pictures on either your personal profile or on your Fan Page are typically one of the few items a Facebook user will see first. This means it can be prime page real estate for making a first impression on the person who visits your profile or your Fan Page. If you’ve ever uploaded a photo or an image of your logo, you have probably noticed that Facebook will re-size it to fit within a certain area. However, creating a custom image to fit within Facebook’s set profile parameters gives you quite a bit more space on you Wall for making an impact.

Currently, Facebook will allow you to upload a picture with the maximum dimensions of 180 X 500 pixels. There was a recent announcement from Facebook that they will soon be changing this to 180 by 540 pixels. So, if you move ahead with creating an image, you would probably do best with creating one with the new dimensions in mind. It’s also good to keep in mind that part of this picture will be also be used for your thumbnail image next to all of your Wall Posts, so you will want to be sure to create an image with either your logo or a small photo near the top of your profile picture that will also translate well into a thumbnail.

This video will give you some examples of custom profile pictures and how to adjust for the thumbnail image which shows up next to each of your posts.

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