There are some amazing plugins and some that will make hash of your WordPress install. The key is to know what you want, see if it works with your themes and version, then look at reviews and bug fixes to make sure it’s current and the reviews make sense. In general you can just un-install them if they break your WordPress install, but it’s better not to have to do that.

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The plugins listed here are some we use and trust as part of a standard installation. Your needs may vary! The links below go to the developers site but you can install them by searching for the titles in the “Add New” function of the Plugin control panel.

Akismet is the first step against spam. It comes already present but not activated when you install WordPress.You will need to have an API key to use it but that’s easy. Go to and create an account and you’ll get an API key to use with Akismet for free. We use it in tandem with other plugins to try to keep the majority of spam at bay.

Hello Dolly. As I say in the video, this is a cute and relatively harmless plugin that harkens back to the roots of WordPress. It’s not activated and we find it irrelevant, but if you love old musicals go for it!

Login Lockdown keeps some extra security to your login process. Try to login too many times from the same IP address and it will shuty you down. It helps to have a great user/password combination but this keeps a bot from remotely trying forever until they get in.

Scribe is a search engine optimization script on steroids. It will teach you about SEO even if you think you already know all there is to know and it keeps you from being lazy when you write your posts. Here;s a link to Janet’s review of Scribe.

Flash Video Player with HTML5 is an easy to use player which will show your videos in the usual Flash player unless the browser doesn’t have Flash (like a phone or an iPad) and deliver it with HTML5 so they can view it.

Tweetmeme Retweet button allows you to add a link so readers can use Tweetmeme to tweet your post to their followers on Twitter.

W3 Total Cache Add database caching to make your page load faster and decrease server load. This is great when your blog gets mentioned on CNN or Digg and you get a huge load of traffic all at once!

Next Gen Gallery If you’ve got a lot of pictures this is a great way to organize and display them.

There are more of course. Feel free to add to the list in the comments!

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