Lots of people (including me) say automation can be the death of conversation on the internet. The idea is that if all of your content is pumped out through automated channels and even your private messages are automated that there is no conversation at all. You might as well talk to your PC. While I stand by this in principle in practice, there are some places for leeway.

Let’s say every morning you spend an hour over your rss feeds and surf for news and good information to share with your networks. Do you dump all that great stuff on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin all at once? That would be a waste. By the time someone could have responded you’ve moved on to the next topic. People can’t keep up so they quit trying. THAT is the death of conversation (too).

So, what to do? Take a look at Objective Marketer. This tool can spread that load of great content over a day or even more. Got an upcoming event to remind your followers about? You can set OM up to tweet a countdown or post a series of clues to where the party will be on your Facebook page. Set up a series of posts timed to go with a conference or presentation you’re giving, complete with the links you promised them in your talk. They’ll be impressed at how on top of it you are!

Rather than being a tool to spam your network it allows you to spoon feed them interesting bits of content and information and then sit back and do the actual conversing when they respond.

Janet created these videos to show you how to use this tool. There will be more added in the future, so be sure to come back and check. In the meantime be sure to sign up for a free trial account on Objective Marketer and use these tips to try it out.

Setting up accounts

Creating Campaigns

Scheduling Posts

Landing pages

note: The link above is an affiliate link. We truly believe in this product or we wouldn’t have gone to the trouble to create the videos or this post. We hope you find it useful and help support us by using that link to get a free demo of Objective Marketer.

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