Really, shouting isn’t going to help. Spamming your network over and over with BUY MY PRODUCT!! isn’t going to make it happen.

I love this interview with Seth Godin and Loic Le Meur about tribes and how to inspire a small focused group of people to buy your product because it’s going to appeal to them directly instead of shouting to everyone how they need it. Seth also talks about how to make a living from creating your own tribe. 1,000 people who will share your product.

You want people who are already interested in what you do to help you spread the word about your product and how special it is. Rather than build a huge un-focused network, maybe you need to start thinking more carefully about who will be really passionate about what you have. Reach out to them. Encourage them to try your product, review it and share it with their friends and you’ll do much better than broadcasting to the universe and hoping for the best.

Instead of being a “wandering generality” with tons of different products all at once, try being a “meaningful specific” and hone in on what you are the best at.

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